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The Ideas

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Three Day Local music showcase

I would like to help produce a Three day music event in Town showcasing all our local musical talent, from youngsters through to a Whiddon Choir!! The idea would be to have the...

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Kyogle Film Academy

A professional film academy established specifically for the community of Kyogle & Villages to thrive in. Developed in partnership with Kyogle Cinema (yes, they are interested!) to bring our very own motion-picture theatre...

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I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree

Along with the rest of the planet Kyogle is getting hotter.  Trees provide shade and lower temperatures.  At a basic level, trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Very convenient for us and...

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Kyogle – what future?

In the next 10 years I would like to see the residents/businesses/industry of Kyogle decide what type of community they would like to reside/operate/invest and work in. For many years there has been...

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Reggae Carnival

Reggae music is a great unifier, bringing people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures together. Known as the world music, loved in over 190 nations, Reggae has been making waves in Australia in...

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Linking the Northern Rivers Rail Trail to Kyogle

With the development of the NRRT proving very successful, how can Kyogle take  advantage of this amazing asset. I see 2 opportunities that Kyogle could link to it.  1. Walking Trail from Bentley...

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Synopsis: KYOGLE COUNCILLORS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE @ THE PUB. To be held in July or August 2024. It’s RocKwiz meets that family favourite, Truth or Dare. Kyogle councillors sit at a table...

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Kyogle Rainforest Information Centre

Kyogle is the last point of call before access to several globally significant world heritage listed national parks.  The Border Ranges is part of the largest expanse of sub-tropical rainforest on Earth! So...

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Self Guided Art Deco Turkey Walk

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Sculpture Trail

Kyogle uses the catch phrase, “Gateway to the Rainforest”. I would like to help project manage the commissioning and installation of a permanent rainforest themed sculpture trail for locals and tourists to enjoy...

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Kyogle Community Board

My idea for the Future of Kyogle is the establishment of a Kyogle community Board. Or group  If the last few years of Droughts, Fire, Covid and Floods have shown us one thing...

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Poetry in Action

Community performance aimed to engage our regional  and remote youth to find their voice.   Introducing: Poetry in Action Empowering Youth Through Poetry” As a response to the need for accessible and empowering educational...