Here's an Idea!

The Future of Kyogle…

Kyogle – what future?

In the next 10 years I would like to see the residents/businesses/industry of Kyogle decide what type of community they would like to reside/operate/invest and work in. For many years there has been discussion as to whether it should be a business/service centre or whether the tourism aspect should be developed further, but this would require the community working together. As you drive around the area on weekends and come to the heart of the LGA – Kyogle – you are hard pressed to find somewhere to purchase a cup of coffee let alone a sandwich after about 2.30pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

If the community at large decides that the area should concentrate on the development of the business/service sector please start with informing prospective clients of your trading hours. There is nothing more annoying than travelling some kms. to town to find a sign on the door “back in ½ hour” but this tells you nothing; when did the ½ hour start?  The service sector in the local economy has expanded rapidly over the last few years with particular growth in the employment sector and aged care. One wonders what will happen in the future particular in relation to the employment sector if there is an upturn in the economy and these services are no longer needed. 

This community, if it is going to grow and benefit all who live within the boundaries of the LGA, needs to learn to work together for the benefit of all. It amazes me how in a time of disaster such as fire, flood and drought people come out of the woodwork to help, but in the case of a community event such as the Writers’ Festival the organizers literally have to beg people to help. Unfortunately this applies to many of the community events, the core volunteers are aging and there does not seem to be a younger generation stepping up to take their place. 

I am asking the residents/business owners and investors to decide once and for all what type of community do we want to live in and to work towards achieving that goal. It may be necessary to work with like-minded businesses to create a roster so that you can always buy that cup of coffee. Or forget that there is an East and West of the Range, or you’re in my patch mentality. We are one community. Let’s work together for the benefit of all.