Here's an Idea!

The Future of Kyogle…

Kyogle Film Academy

A professional film academy established specifically for the community of Kyogle & Villages to thrive in. Developed in partnership with Kyogle Cinema (yes, they are interested!) to bring our very own motion-picture theatre back to life with our love and attention. We’ll come together every week to explore curious films and documentaries, both old and new, and learn new and exciting ways to capture the stories of our time and meet the many characters of this beautiful, down-to-earth region.

I want a place to see and experience everyone’s forgotten Super 8 footage.

I want to see local grandchildren interviewing their grandparents and sharing a tear.

I want to see the sunrise settle on our sensors, from the streets of Bonalbo, through the fields of Woodenbong, to the hills of Cawongla. 

I want to see how the magic hour in our Green Cauldron blazes through the lens, warming the glass a thousand different ways.

I want to see the sun spiking through the rainforest canopy of our Border Ranges as the whispers of our bubbling brooks meet the birdsong from above.

I want to see the cheeky smile of our First Nations elders as they stand strong in the dirt, sharing a laugh while they share our history with the glint of knowing in their eyes.

I want young and old of every town to sit side by side again; to learn together, ask questions of each other and build a bridge of conversation and connection.

“Let’s shoot it here…” “Let’s try this…” “Check out what I filmed over the weekend…” “Great, I’ll see you there…”

I want to create a feast of a forum for the lonely and the loved… a shared platter, a warm cup of goodness and on the regular.

Bring your cameras, bring your smartphones, bring your notebooks, bring your footage and bring your friends… to the hearth of our Community Cinema. 

After all, that’s all a film really is… 

Symphonies of light we create and experience together.