Here's an Idea!

The Future of Kyogle…

Kyogle Rainforest Information Centre

Kyogle is the last point of call before access to several globally significant world heritage listed national parks. 

The Border Ranges is part of the largest expanse of sub-tropical rainforest on Earth! So where is the Rainforest Information Centre to match our nature wonderland? 

Further south outside Dorrigo township (population just over 1000 people) there is a world class Dorrigo Rainforest Centre which consistently receives 150,000 visitors per year. This place has recently received funding for a 56 million dollar upgrade. 

To the north in Maleny is the Mary Cairncross Rainforest Centre – a place of ecological, cultural and artistic beauty which receives 200,000 visitors annually and is home to a tiny but significant remnant of 55 hectares. 

A Kyogle based Rainforest Information Centre gives visitors and locals a way to plan their back country adventures, to learn about our unique and diverse bio-region from multiple worldviews and cultural perspectives. 

A full sensory experience, soundscapes from our local forests infused into locally produced multimedia environmental education installation with guided bio-cultural information from indigenous perspectives, stories from the old logging days and the latest forest research science from ecologists. 

As the Northern Rivers Rail-Trail nears completion, our bio-region is set to become a truly unique destination for bike-packing, back-country bushwalking, mountain biking, horse-riding, kayaking and extensive interconnected ridge walks. 

This vision won’t just become a tourism information centre, but a way to instill a sense of pride in Kyogle being The Gateway to the Rainforest.