Here's an Idea!

The Future of Kyogle…

Three Day Local music showcase

I would like to help produce a Three day music event in Town showcasing all our local musical talent, from youngsters through to a Whiddon Choir!!

The idea would be to have the KMI open all weekend with various genres of music booked in to play in sets. Matinees for the very young and slightly older and nighttime programs for something livelier. Solos, instrumentalists, bands etc.

Meanwhile there would be stages in both pubs for over 18 year old performers and street busking spots.

A scheduled rotation of performers through the different venues, with each act playing several times over the weekend. 

It would be a free event for all, with no payment to performers. It is based on participants getting a stage, a chance to perform in front of a crowd. Showing the town who they are and what they can do.

The weekend would be coupled with a Bazaar, so the shell could also be a stage for performers.

I would like to involve the youth of the town in both getting a chance to perform but also in making and painting the stage props as a school project.

The plan is totally flexible and open to others’ ideas, but we just seem to have any avenue for up-and-coming artists and little exposure for established local musicians. Future events could have different format with the provision of ticketing and artists payments. 

A street festival atmosphere with food vendors and all shops open. Advertising to the region and putting us on the map musically.