Here's an Idea!

The Future of Kyogle…

Linking the Northern Rivers Rail Trail to Kyogle

With the development of the NRRT proving very successful, how can Kyogle take  advantage of this amazing asset. I see 2 opportunities that Kyogle could link to it.  1. Walking Trail from Bentley to Kyogle via Mackellar Range and Red Mt and linking into  the proposed Fairy Mt Walking Trail (that is to begin development this September).  Total distance is 33km from the Rail Trail at Bentley to Kyogle. So with a Camp area  half way this would make it a perfect 2day walk. Pretty sure there is current Fire trails  through this area. Funding to upgrade these trails for fire management maybe an  option for extra funding. I can email anyone interested of this proposed route.  2. Cycling trail to link from Bently to Kyogle via Bungabee Forest, Back Creek Rd and  Hillyards Rd. The challenge is how to avoid riding on the Lismore Kyogle Rd. From  Bently there are Forestry trails through Bungabee Forest to connect to Back Creek Rd.  Currently closed, but communication with Forestry NSW may offer possibilities. There  is a 2km section on the Lismore/Kyogle Rd to connect to Hillyards Rd. This is probably  the biggest challenge. Options to make this safe would be widening the road to include  a Bike Lane and also signage to reduce speed at this section to 80km/hr with signage  saying “Cyclists Share the Road”. From Hillyards Rd there are 2 options to get back to  Kyogle on quiet roads. One via Omagh Rd. The other option thinking of possibilities is  via Grass Tree Rd. From memory I thought this was once connected from Merrigans  Rd. This is through private property, and would need consultation with landowners to  make this happen. If it was possible to connect with the Kyoge Mt Bike trails and  walking trails of Fairy Mt this would be fantastic.  

Both these options tick the boxes of providing Nature Connection, so much needed in our  communities these days. Investing in opportunities for all ages to get out in nature ticks all  the boxes for Physical, Mental and Social well being. Getting kids off screen time would be  

every parent’s dream. Obesity and other health issues are all linked to lack of exercise.  In addition to these benefits there would be a huge economic benefit of attracting tourist  dollars to Kyogle. Once the NRRT is completed from Murwillumbah to Casino, Kyogle  needs to take advantage of these nature connected tourists.  

To make these suggestions happen would need community Support, Govt Funding and  consultation with Forestry Land and private landowners.  

Offers to Private landowners from Council could include opportunities to Subdivide for  monetary benefit.