Like any event, the Kyogle Writers Festival has an impact on the environment through waste generation, use of resources such as water and electricity, carbon emissions generated through transportation, increased local traffic as well as other indirect impacts. KWF seeks to minimise its environmental impacts through a focus on reducing, recycling, and reusing resources. We will do our utmost to achieve the strategies we have listed below, but sometimes due to factors beyond our control, we may fall short of our, or your, ambitions.

Our Goals​

Goal 1: To minimise the volume of waste going into landfill through a mix of reducing/re-using/recycling initiatives;

Goal 2: To minimise the use of single-use plastics with the intention of becoming a (single-use) plastics free event;

Goal 3: To determine the carbon emissions directly linked to the Festival and to off-set these; and

Goal 4: To use the Festival as a way of showcasing strategies and tools that can promote environmental sustainability more broadly in the community.

Our Strategies for 2022

  • Recycling bins provided for your convenience

  • Organics bin for organic wastes that will then be turned into compost

  • Water trailer for refilling drink bottles

  • Eliminate single use coffee cups through the use of “Keep cups”

  • Food vendors using environmentally friendly products and no single use plastics.

  • Sourcing environmentally friendly cleaning products and declining the use of goods wrapped in single use plastic.

  • Buying a native plant appropriate to the Kyogle region for each ticket bought and donating these to Kyogle Landcare.

  • Making a cash donation to Kyogle Landcare regeneration projects to help offset the Festival’s carbon emissions.

How you can reduce your impact

  • Bring your own water bottle and refill from the drinking station in Stratheden Street.

  • If you forget your water bottle buy one of our brand new, KWF-branded water bottles from the pop-up bookshop!

  • When you feel like a coffee, grab a cup or mug from the Chai Tent or bring your own. When finished return so it can be washed and cleaned.

  • Use the bin system correctly! Organics in the organics bin, recycling in the recycling bin.

  • Car share. Travel with a friend or a mob!


With your support, we can reduce the environmental footprint of the Festival.