Making it Good Enough to Publish.

The Laneway Community Space.
1:30 PM
Featuring: Melaina Faranda.
Tickets: This workshop is not included in the festival pass.
Tickets for this event are sold separately.
This is a half day workshop and will finish at 4.30pm.

What’s the difference between a good story and a good story that will be published?
Often it comes down to simple mistakes that mark out the amateur from the pro. Race through a dynamic, non-stop self-editing workout that gets results! Take a shortcut and save yourself twenty years of slog with this invaluable distillation of an author’s real-life experiences working with twenty editors from ten major publishing houses. Learn how to keep up pace and hurdle common literary pitfalls, as well as helpful pointers for creating three-dimensional characters and enriching stories with sensory writing to achieve a personal best. Train yourself to recognise flaws in your writing and troubleshoot in order to win the trifecta: an addictive story with a great plot, pacing and characterisation. Strenuous self-editing exercises will enable you to dig beyond stereotypical story slush to find true gold!