Kyogle’s Community Gym

by Robyn Job

In September 2016 I started as Coordinator for Kyogle’s Community Gym. A decade earlier I had discovered exercise is a ‘wonderdrug’ and wanted to tell everyone about it. Finally, I could. 

While conducting member profiles asking members why they came to the gym, I soon realised no-one came for the exercise alone, but also the mental and emotional benefits. They had discovered the wonderdrug! 

I read recently “All change is difficult at the start, messy in the middle and glorious at the end”  (Robin Sharma).  

This is true and I’m glad that so long ago I pushed past the difficult (finding time) and the messy (getting sweaty). Because it is glorious to reap the benefits: have more energy, gain clarity, sleep better, get perspective and reduce stress. Yes! So it’s a privilege to be here encouraging more in our community to reap the glorious benefits of exercise.