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Kyogle Community Poet’s Breakfast
Featuring: Vincent Stead, Paddy O’Brien, and Don McQueen.

Creating through floods and fire
Featuring: Jessie Cole, Jarrah Dundler, Jimmy Malecki and Jeanti St Clair.

The Last Outlaws
Featuring: Aunty Loretta Ethel Parsley, Frank Lopez, Kaitlyn Sawrey, Katherine Biber and Leroy Parsons.

Literature and Displacement
Featuring: Omid Tofighian, Hani Abdile, Mohammad Ali-Maleki, and Huda the Goddess.

Writing Funny
Featuring: Mandy Nolan, Lisa Sharpe

Patting The Shark
Featuring: Tim Baker and Dr Sally Breen

Featuring: Sasha Kutabah Sarago, Dr Jenny Fraser.

Featuring: Lisa Sharpe, Odette Nettleton, Thor, and Jasmine Phillips.

As always there was spoken word littered throughout the day by poets Dusk Dundler, Sarah Temporal, Vincent Stead, Paul Shields, and Carlie Daley.


Poet’s Breakfast
Participants: Vincent Stead, The Kyogle Writers Group

Too Close to Home?
Participants: Melaina Faranda

I Hate Networking!
Participants: Monica Davison

High Schools Event: The Power of Words
Participants: Melaina Faranda, Jean Hinchcliffe & Ben Gilmour

The Hero’s Journey WORKSHOP
Participants: Luca Collins

Is Art and Culture the Key to Revitalising the Regions?
Participants: Jane Fuller, Jasmine Phillips, Alex Wisser & Jane Laverty

There’s No Place Like Home?
Participants: Mykaela Saunders, Gavin Yuan Gao, Hayley Katzen and Michael Burge

David Hallet
Join accomplished poet, performer and Northern Rivers local, David Hallet for a reading of his work.

Mirandi Riwoe in Conversation with Mandy Beaumont

Mark Olive in Conversation with Adele Wessell

Kids Bookmaking with Sarah Daley

Home / Cooking
Participants: Adele Wessell, Paul Wilson, Nancy Cushing, Barbara Sweeney & Belinda Jeffery

Podcasting Workshop (4 parts)
Participants: Frank Lopez and Kaitlyn Sawrey

The Will to Climb
Participants: Richard Harris

Flamingo Writers Salon
Participants: Sandra Moon, Andy Spencer and Sarah Temporal, Peter Mitchell and Jayne Miller

New Fiction
Participants: Mandy Beaumont, Mirandi Riwoe, Emily Brugman & Fiona Robertson

What Fear Was
Participants: Ben Walter & Rohan Wilson

The Gap, Ben Gilmour
Participants: Ben Gilmour & Kevin Markwell

Creativity After the Fire
Participants: Hayley Katzen, Hugh Murray, Grace Hickey & Jarrah Dundler

World Building, Place and Time in Young Adult Fiction
Participants: Lynnette Lounsbury

Slam Poetry
Participants: Sarah Temporal

Bring Those Stories to Life! Kids Workshop
Participants: Tina Wilson

Liam Ferney
Participants: Liam Ferney & Stuart Cooke

Micro-book launch
Participants: Andy Spencer, Helen Burns, Sue Edmonds & Jayne Miller

Peter Mitchell
Participants: Peter Mitchell and Barnaby Smith

The Idea of Australia and the Unimaginable
Participants: Julianne Schultz & Melissa Lucashenko

Front Up! Running a Writing Group
Participants: Kyogle Writing Group Members

The Birth Suite
Participants: Sarah Temporal and Brit Portelli

This All Come Back Now
Participants: Mykaela Saunders & Ellen van Neerven

I Love Poetry and Rugby League
Participants: Liam Ferney, Stuart Cooke, Barnaby Smith, Wendell Hussey and Paul Shields

Life Stories WORKSHOP
Participants: Patti Miller

Writing the Sensual World
Participants: Krissy Kneen

Who is Daniel Johns?
Participants: Frank Lopez, Kaitlyn Sawrey & Nick Kelly

Bring Your Writing Alive with Sarah Armstrong

Front Up! Local Environment Groups share stories of experience
Participants: Kyogle Landcare, Friends of the Koala and Kyogle Environment Group

Chris Mansell
Participants: Chris Mansell & Carlie Daley

First Nations
Participants: Chelsea Watego, Jackie Huggins and Merinda Dutton

Allen Ginsberg Down Under – 50 years on
Participants: Richard Tipping, Lynnette Lounsbury and Barnaby Smith

Plant Power Sisterhood
Participants: Aunty Marcia Brooks, Jenny Fraser, Ellen van Neerven & others

In Kyogle Tonight
Participants: Odette Nettleton & Thor Phillips

Close to Home: Historical Narratives of Lived Experience
Participants: Katinka Smit

Writing Nature
Participants: Melissa Lucashenko, Ben Walter, Harry Saddler & Stuart Cooke

No, Never!
Participants: Libby Hathorn

Flamingo Writers Salon
Participants: Sandra Moon, Andy Spencer and Sarah Temporal, Peter Mitchell and Jayne Miller

True Friends, Patti Miller
Participants: Patti Miller & Lynda Hawryluk

The Furies
Participants: Mandy Beaumont & Lynnette Lounsbury

Lead the Way
Participants: Jean Hinchcliffe & Belinda Eslick

Writer in Residence: Nadia Johansen

Powerful Stories in Tiny Word Counts
Participants: Dettra Rose

How to Make a Basket, Jazz Money
Participants: Jazz Money & Mykaela Saunders

Fundamentals of Film-Making
Participants: Ben Gilmour

Delia Falconer in Conversation with Nancy Cushing

Participants: Christabel Strehle, Andrew Johnston, Dusk Dundler and Carlie Daley

Front Up! Get Your Kids to Love Books
Participants: Bob and Kate Brace

Front Up! Body Self Care with Dr Shannon Apps – Registered Osteopath
Participants: Dr Shannon Apps – Registered Osteopath

Blackfulla Bookclub
Participants: Ellen van Neerven, Melissa Lucashenko, Merinda Dutton, Jazz Money and more

Love in an Election Year
Participants: Frank Lopez, Dan Illic, Kaitlyn Sawrey and the Betoota Advocate’s Wendell Hussey

Front Up! Speaker’s Corner returns to Kyogle
Participants: Whoever turns up

Wrap Party


Kyogle Writers Group Poets Breakfast

Writing for the Media with Graeme Gibson

Kyogle Writers Festival Presents Alison Gibbs

Poetry on the Verandah presents David Hallett

The Kyogle Writers Festival presents Stuart Rees
Featuring: Stuart Rees & Dr Richard Hil

Children’s Story, Rhyme and Picture Time
Featuring: Hot potato, hot potato

Poetry on the Verandah presents Stuart Cooke
Featuring: Barnaby Smith

Kyogle Writers Festival presents How Local Histories Shape Country Australia
Featuring: Rob Garbutt, Jo Kijas, Andrew Johnston and anchored by Graeme Gibson

How to Create Strong Character and Voice in Young Adult Writing with Lynette Loundsbury

Nail Your Story and Your Pitch with Laurel Cohn

Songwriting with Thor Phillips and Brendan Smoother

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Scott Bevan Taking it Slowly –
Journeys on Water and in Words
Featuring: Dr Kevin Markwell

Lucky Dip with Frank and Kaity
Frank Lopez and Kaitlyn Sawrey of F+K Media

Poetry On the Verandah Presents Barnaby Smith
Featuring: Stuart Cooke

‘Gondwana Burning’ with Anastasia Guise

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Melissa Lucashenko
Featuring: Dr Lynda Hawryluk

‘Night Train to Varanasi’ with Sean Doyle and Anna Foss Doyle

Jasper St Aubyn West

Family History with Cheryl Matthews

How to Run a Writing Group

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Mandy Beaumont
Featuring: Lynette Lounsbury

Writing Children’s Stories with Gwen Gray

Creative Nonfiction with Graeme Gibson

Poetry with Vince Stead

Byron Writers Festival StoryBoard

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Daniel Browning: First Nations
Featuring: Nardi Simpson, Mykaela Saunders, Lisa Fuller, and Ellen van Neerven

The Kyogle Writers Festival presents In Kyogle Tonight
Featuring: Odette Nettleton, Alexandra Hudson, Ting Lim, the Barkers Vale Boys, Mandy Beaumont and Susanna Freymark.

Morning Yoga Flow with Mikala Maloney

The Anti-Violence Alliance presents Women to the Front
Featuring: Mirandi Riwoe, Laura Elvery, Kristina Olsson and anchor Belinda Eslick.

Children’s Bookmaking with Sarah Daley

Surviving the Amazon Ecosystem with Tim Cadman

Poetry On the Verandah presents The Flamingo Writer’s Salon
Featuring: Zoë Richards & Andy Spencer

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Writing Place in the Country
Featuring: Scott Bevan, Jessie Cole, Hayley Katzen, and anchored by Jarrah Dundler

Writing from Place – Awakening Historical Imagination with Katinka Smit

Narrative Podcasting with Kaitlyn Sawrey and Frank Lopez

Flash Fiction – Powerful Stories in Tiny Word Counts
with Dettra Rose

Poetry On the Verandah presents Ellen van Neerven

Get your kids to love books with Bob and Kate Brace

Home Recording with Thor Phillips

Body Self Care with Dr Shannon Apps (Registered Osteopath)

Everything You Ever Said by Nick Kelly

Kyogle Writers Festival presents Writing in the Face of a Collapsing Climate
Featuring: Lisa Walker, Stuart Cooke, Linda Woodrow, and anchored by Tim Cadman

Bec Tapscott and The Occasional Studio present Art and Advocacy
in the Country
Featuring: Christabel Strehle, Andrew Johnston, Stuart Rees and Luke Vassella

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