Ex-tropical Syclone Debbie

by John Watkins

I was there when ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit Collins Creek in March 2017, it wasn’t what we expected for a  normal flood in our creek.  

First off, there was not much earlier rain to soak into the ground as is usual.  

Secondly, the rain event was huge, fast and destructive,  dropping 10 inches of rain in 30 hours – but more up on the Border Ranges, the source of Collins Creek. 

During the event I could hear large rocks bouncing along the bottom of the creek over the roar of the water. 

We awoke to no power, fallen trees and a bridge so badly damaged, it was only good for pedestrian traffic.  

However, the worst outcome from ex-Cyclone Debbie was she filled in our beautiful deep swimming hole with large rocks, making it more of a shallow bath than a  pool.