Author Feature:

Ellen van Neerven’s Personal Score.

Roxy Gallery.
1:30 PM
Featuring: Ellen van Neerven, Grace Lucas-Pennington.
Tickets: Included in the festival pass.
If there is space in the venue there will also be individual tickets for sale from our box office on the day.
This is a 60-minute event.

Award-winning writer Ellen van Neerven played football from a young age, learning early on that sport can be a painful and exclusive world. The more they play, the more they realise about sport’s troubled relationship with race, gender and sexuality, and question what it means to play sport on stolen sovereign land, especially in the midst of multiple environmental crises. Ellen will be joined onstage by Grace Lucas-Pennington for a discussion about their ground-breaking examination of sport’s troubled relationship with race, gender, and sexuality, Personal Score.