Cross Cultural Awareness Festival

by Uncle Andrew Johnston

I was there in 1996, helping organise a Cross Cultural Awareness Festival in Kyogle. At that time I had been playing in bands for several years, but during this festival I had the biggest thrill of my life, to that stage. 

This was being invited to support Uncle Jimmy Little on stage for a few songs. Uncle Jimmy was famous. I was not. 

But beyond that, it was the aura around Uncle Jimmy.  Despite the ignorance and discrimination he had lived through, he had an aura of calm, of peace. Not a trace of bitterness.  

I was not exactly the stereotypical angry-young-man.  But I was close, there was a chip on my shoulder. Being around this remarkable human being, Uncle Jimmy  Little, changed my life. It put me on a path to acceptance of the past, to reconciliation.