Between the Lines

Libby Parke

When I read between
The lines on your brow
I feel the shells splinter
And I know what is to come

I catch words in my mouth
That could be embers
In your gasoline eye
And napalm grip

I read the book of your body
Decipher tiny tells
Jot down tones and tremors
Because I know what is to come

You make a net from my words
Entrap my truths
And make them tigers
Camouflaged and treacherous

The earth starts shaking
Breaking under foot
A flipped chair, a flying fist

Cracking white walls
Snapping white bone
Blood blooms under skin
I knew this was coming

My tears on your paper brain
Book snaps shut, spell is lifted
Machetes through jungle paranoia
There are no tigers here

The pages flutter open
Your book now a variation
Of promises and regrets
Never ever, ever, ever again

And I read between your words
Between oaths soothing and sweet
Between the lines on your repenting brow
And I know what is to come

Libby Parke is a visual artist and poet based in the Gympie Region of Queensland. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History, Libby incorporates her knowledge of mythology into her writing and art practice. Her observations of nature, humanity and patterns throughout history are reflected in her creative works. 

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