Please enjoy this abridged lineup.

12-15 May 2022

Our first single-day Literary Allsorts event.

Kyogle Community Poet’s Breakfast
Featuring: Vincent Stead, Paddy O’Brien, and Don McQueen.

Creating through floods and fire
Featuring: Jessie Cole, Jarrah Dundler, Jimmy Malecki and Jeanti St Clair.

The Last Outlaws
Featuring: Aunty Loretta Ethel Parsley, Frank Lopez, Kaitlyn Sawrey, Katherine Biber and Leroy Parsons.

Literature and Displacement
Featuring: Omid Tofighian, Hani Abdile, Mohammad Ali-Maleki, and Huda the Goddess.

Writing Funny
Featuring: Mandy Nolan, Lisa Sharpe

Patting The Shark
Featuring: Tim Baker and Dr Sally Breen

Featuring: Sasha Kutabah Sarago, Dr Jenny Fraser.

Featuring: Lisa Sharpe, Odette Nettleton, Thor, and Jasmine Phillips.

As always there was spoken word littered throughout the day by poets Dusk Dundler, Sarah Temporal, Vincent Stead, Paul Shields, and Carlie Daley.