Please enjoy this abridged lineup.

May 12 – 15 2022

Kyogle Writers Festival second year, biggest lineup and longest weekend.

Poet’s Breakfast
Participants: Vincent Stead, The Kyogle Writers Group

Too Close to Home?
Participants: Melaina Faranda

I Hate Networking!
Participants: Monica Davison

High Schools Event: The Power of Words
Participants: Melaina Faranda, Jean Hinchcliffe & Ben Gilmour

The Hero’s Journey WORKSHOP
Participants: Luca Collins

Is Art and Culture the Key to Revitalising the Regions?
Participants: Jane Fuller, Jasmine Phillips, Alex Wisser & Jane Laverty

There’s No Place Like Home?
Participants: Mykaela Saunders, Gavin Yuan Gao, Hayley Katzen and Michael Burge

David Hallet
Join accomplished poet, performer and Northern Rivers local, David Hallet for a reading of his work.

Mirandi Riwoe in Conversation with Mandy Beaumont

Mark Olive in Conversation with Adele Wessell

Kids Bookmaking with Sarah Daley

Home / Cooking
Participants: Adele Wessell, Paul Wilson, Nancy Cushing, Barbara Sweeney & Belinda Jeffery

Podcasting Workshop (4 parts)
Participants: Frank Lopez and Kaitlyn Sawrey

The Will to Climb
Participants: Richard Harris

Flamingo Writers Salon
Participants: Sandra Moon, Andy Spencer and Sarah Temporal, Peter Mitchell and Jayne Miller

New Fiction
Participants: Mandy Beaumont, Mirandi Riwoe, Emily Brugman & Fiona Robertson

What Fear Was
Participants: Ben Walter & Rohan Wilson

The Gap, Ben Gilmour
Participants: Ben Gilmour & Kevin Markwell

Creativity After the Fire
Participants: Hayley Katzen, Hugh Murray, Grace Hickey & Jarrah Dundler

World Building, Place and Time in Young Adult Fiction
Participants: Lynnette Lounsbury

Slam Poetry
Participants: Sarah Temporal

Bring Those Stories to Life! Kids Workshop
Participants: Tina Wilson

Liam Ferney
Participants: Liam Ferney & Stuart Cooke

Micro-book launch
Participants: Andy Spencer, Helen Burns, Sue Edmonds & Jayne Miller

Peter Mitchell
Participants: Peter Mitchell and Barnaby Smith

The Idea of Australia and the Unimaginable
Participants: Julianne Schultz & Melissa Lucashenko

Front Up! Running a Writing Group
Participants: Kyogle Writing Group Members

The Birth Suite
Participants: Sarah Temporal and Brit Portelli

This All Come Back Now
Participants: Mykaela Saunders & Ellen van Neerven

I Love Poetry and Rugby League
Participants: Liam Ferney, Stuart Cooke, Barnaby Smith, Wendell Hussey and Paul Shields

Life Stories WORKSHOP
Participants: Patti Miller

Writing the Sensual World
Participants: Krissy Kneen

Who is Daniel Johns?
Participants: Frank Lopez, Kaitlyn Sawrey & Nick Kelly

Bring Your Writing Alive with Sarah Armstrong

Front Up! Local Environment Groups share stories of experience
Participants: Kyogle Landcare, Friends of the Koala and Kyogle Environment Group

Chris Mansell
Participants: Chris Mansell & Carlie Daley

First Nations
Participants: Chelsea Watego, Jackie Huggins and Merinda Dutton

Allen Ginsberg Down Under – 50 years on
Participants: Richard Tipping, Lynnette Lounsbury and Barnaby Smith

Plant Power Sisterhood
Participants: Aunty Marcia Brooks, Jenny Fraser, Ellen van Neerven & others

In Kyogle Tonight
Participants: Odette Nettleton & Thor Phillips

Close to Home: Historical Narratives of Lived Experience
Participants: Katinka Smit

Writing Nature
Participants: Melissa Lucashenko, Ben Walter, Harry Saddler & Stuart Cooke

No, Never!
Participants: Libby Hathorn

Flamingo Writers Salon
Participants: Sandra Moon, Andy Spencer and Sarah Temporal, Peter Mitchell and Jayne Miller

True Friends, Patti Miller
Participants: Patti Miller & Lynda Hawryluk

The Furies
Participants: Mandy Beaumont & Lynnette Lounsbury

Lead the Way
Participants: Jean Hinchcliffe & Belinda Eslick

Writer in Residence: Nadia Johansen

Powerful Stories in Tiny Word Counts
Participants: Dettra Rose

How to Make a Basket, Jazz Money
Participants: Jazz Money & Mykaela Saunders

Fundamentals of Film-Making
Participants: Ben Gilmour

Delia Falconer in Conversation with Nancy Cushing

Participants: Christabel Strehle, Andrew Johnston, Dusk Dundler and Carlie Daley

Front Up! Get Your Kids to Love Books
Participants: Bob and Kate Brace

Front Up! Body Self Care with Dr Shannon Apps – Registered Osteopath
Participants: Dr Shannon Apps – Registered Osteopath

Blackfulla Bookclub
Participants: Ellen van Neerven, Melissa Lucashenko, Merinda Dutton, Jazz Money and more

Love in an Election Year
Participants: Frank Lopez, Dan Illic, Kaitlyn Sawrey and the Betoota Advocate’s Wendell Hussey

Front Up! Speaker’s Corner returns to Kyogle
Participants: Whoever turns up

Wrap Party